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Young Explorers Family Safari

The Young Explorers Family Safari package is a specially designed safari which offers families the opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness together. 

One of the special attractions of this safari is its exclusivity. The Young Explorers family adventure safari is based at our adventure camp – Footsteps Camp, situated in the Shinde Private Concession in the Okavango Delta. Spend 3 nights with a specialist guide and have the camp all to yourself! A selection of activities are planned with the whole family in mind. Parents can enjoy some peace and quiet whilst our expertly trained Young Explorers guide entertains the children with a multitude of activities to suite all ages, or enjoy the activities together as a family!

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The Young Explorers Family Safari can be booked for families with a minimum of 3 or more family members travelling together. Minimum age is 7 years old, younger children considered on request. 

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