Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park is considered to be one of the top birding locations in Southern Africa. The park offers some of the most scenic game viewing, beautiful riverine surroundings and varied bird watching you could wish to find. A great deal of the terrain is Shire River floodplains, much loved by the healthy population of Elephants in this park. They are best viewed during your boat safari on the Shire River, one of the many highlights of a stay at Kuthengo Camp.

Wildlife includes large numbers of elephants, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles as well as kudu, sable and bushbuck. Predators include leopards (not frequently seen) and hyena. It also has an impressive variety of birds. Game viewing is enhanced because the Shire River flows along its western border, allowing boat safaris as well as the usual ones on foot or in 4x4s.

Explore the Shire River and lagoons - Birding is rewarding - specialties include Lillian’s lovebird, brown breasted barbet, osprey, palmnut vulture, Pel's fishing owl and Livingstone’s flycatcher. Also available is a viewing hide on a tributary of the Shire River and also some interesting visits to the local school and surrounding rural communities.

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